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Language Learning Program




I’ve been creating custom family portraits for my clients through my Etsy shop, emilyojukacallprints.



Now What? is a story about a spunky girl in search of her talent. In this project, I used rhyme and interactive audio to encourage word recognition and help young kids learn to read. I used a bright, simple color scheme and free, unbounded brush strokes to speak to the the optimistic easiness, and care-free personality of the main character. Available in the iBooks store.


I collaborated with author L.C. Walters to bring to life The Underdog with the Underbite book series. Based on a true story, Spud is a mischievous little boxer with an underbite who always seems to be getting into trouble. I brought the enthusiastic spirit of Spud  to life with bright splashes of color, an unbounded water color technique, and whimsical character design. Currently published on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, and Nook.





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