A software company for contract manufacturers.

GOAL: Create informational illustrations to make the website more approachable and user-friendly.

SOLUTION: I used clean, playful lines to create simple — yet engaging — stick characters to give the website the friendly feel the client was looking for.



Untitled design (21)RHINO GLOBAL PARTNERS

An organization doing hurricane cleanup and rebuilding.

GOAL: Create a logo that illustrates their company vision.

SOLUTION: I designed a logo illustrating hands holding up a globe to show Rhino’s mission to be the helping hands that lift communities in need across the world.  I kept the fonts bold and sharp to show how the company seeks to restore strength and power to the damaged neighborhoods they rebuild.


A Texas-based chain restaurant.

GOAL: To build brand awareness for Abuelo’s 40 different locations.

SOLUTION: Using the brand colors and fonts in line with corporate branding, I created fresh and original designs each week to promote specials, national holidays, loyalty program announcements, etc.


A hair salon in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania.

Goal: Promote Back-to-School Special and Wash & Curl Wednesdays with in-house flyers.

Solution: I used geometric shapes and dynamic, bold fonts to make each promotion pop with the intention of grabbing customers’ attention to encourage more appointments.



An ice cream parlor.

Goal: Create a modern logo design for a potential client.

Solution: To modernize the traditional ice cream parlor branding, I designed this fun and playful font in a creamy and bright color scheme reminiscent of ice cream. In black and white, the logo is elevated to look more sleek and fancy.